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Make sure you don’t miss a thing with our comprehensive guide to how to gain access to the cities biggest attractions. 

The World famous Sagrada Familia

Barcelona Boat Party....

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From Barcelona: Sitges and Vineyard Tour

Santa Maria Cathedral.......

Football, Museums, and Tickets

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Barcelona is a city of entertainment, culture and history! From Picasso to Dali, from Cruyff to Messi, from Gaudi to Miro, some of the world’s most influential artists have resided in this city of flamboyance. Because of this, there are many different museums and sights to see which you will need tickets to. Tickets and entry passes are sometimes not the easiest to come by. Entrance to the Sagrada Familia can be a waiting period of up to a week in advance, or FC Barcelona are so world famous, the Camp Nou is regularly totally sold out. Here we will take you through how to get in to all the famous places, and a few hints and tips of the other smaller museums.

""Entrance to the Sagrada Familia can be a waiting period of up to a week in advance"

To do this section we will subdivide the city into the main attractions that you will need pre purchased tickets to and the other museums in the city. In the ticket section we will include all the big players of the game. Everything from the Sagrada Familia to FC Barcelona and even the city bus. In the Museum section we will go through all the various museums, most of which you do not necessarily need to purchase tickets in advance for, but in the height of the season it would probably be better off for ease of mind.

So here we go, lets plunge into the information station that is the museums of Barcelona. Lets explore everything there is to see and make sure you do not miss out on seeing any of your favourites.

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Main Sights

The thing to see while in Barcelona.

Tickets, Main Attractions

Sagrada Familia

The main site to see and overlook the whole city.

Tickets, Main Attractions

Park Guell

One of the many wonderful sites to see Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona.

Tickets, Main Attractions

Casa Mila

One of the many wonderful sites to see Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona.

Tickets, Main Attractions

Casa Batllo

Gaudi’s first major project in the Catalan Capital

Tickets, Main Attractions

Palau Guell

Purpose made village that shows all of Spain in one town.

Tickets, Main Attractions

Poble Espanyol

The Olympic Stadium....

The Olympic Pool....

The view from Monjuic........

Plaza Espanya.......


The largest stadium in Europe

Tickets, Football

Camp Nou Tour

Witness sporting legends

Tickets, Football

Barcelona Tickets

Witness some high end Spanish football

Tickets, Football

Espanyol Tickets

Passieg De Gracia....

The Science Museum....

The stunning Vineyards of Catalonia...

Santa Catarina Market...


The building itself is a work of art

Tickets, Museums

Joan Miro Museum

Even housing its own rain forest inside

Tickets, Museums


The magic mountains serve great religious, historic and cultural importance

Tickets, Museums

Montserrat Museum

You will see many pieces of work that are rarely ever seen,

Tickets, Museums

Picasso Museum

Explains the history of the city perfectly

Tickets, Museums

History Museum of Barcelona

Everything from the formation of Catalonia by Wilfred the Hairy, to the creation of the flag

Tickets, Museums

History Museum of Catalonia

The building also has some of the best views of the city

Tickets, Museums

Museum of Catalan Art

Have a coffee sat right on top of the Roman city wall.

Tickets, Museums

Federic Mares Museum

The erotic museum leads you through the history of sex

Tickets, Museums

Erotic Museum

Learn about the famous explorers who once passed through Barcelona

Tickets, Museums

Maritime Museum

Tasting sessions are also available for any chocoholics.

Tickets, Museums

Chocolate Museum

Beautiful original Gaudi artifacts.

Tickets, Museums

Gaudi Exhibition Centre

The Catalan parliment....


Get ready to party all night long


VIP Club Entry

The Joan Miro Museum...

The Monastery at Montserrat....

Looking out across Port Vell........

Ariel Del port Cable Car.......


A full array of sea life and maritime wonders.

Tickets, Others

Barcelona Aquarium

Fun for people of all ages.

Tickets, Others

Port Aventura and Ferrari World

The perfect way to cool off in the Spanish sun

Tickets, Others

Isla Fantastia Waterpark

The perfect day out for kids and animal lovers of all ages.

Tickets, Others

Barcelona Zoo

Access to 23 different attractions

Tickets, Discount Cards

Barcelona Tourist Card

One of the best ways of making sure you see the whole city in a short space of time is taking the city tour bus.

Tickets, Bus Tours

City Bus Tour

Barcelona is home to a few big names in festival season each year

Tickets, Festivals

Music Festivals

From Shakira to Mumford and Sons and world famous comedians

Tickets, Theatre and Concerts

Theatre and Concert Tickets