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Best Barcelona Tour started with a simple mission, to take our knowledge and love for the city and share it with others. Founded by travelers for travelers, our aim was to create the ultimate guide to the city. In doing so we hope that we can help you fall in love with Barcelona, just as we once did. Below you can learn more about our organization. 

We are a team of travel enthusiasts from around the World who fell in love with Barcelona and choose to call it home. Diversity is one of our core values and this is reflected in the make up of our team, which boasts members from more than 20 different nationalities. 

We are based right in the heart of the Barcelona Old Town (The Gothic Quarter). This allows us to keep our ear to the ground and always be up to date with the latest developments in the city.

Feel free to pay us a a visit at our office-

Comtessa de Sobradiel, 1,

Starting from humble beginnings in 2002, the organization has grown year on year, welcoming new team members and expanding our knowledge of the city. It now helps more than 40,000 travelers plan their trip every year. 

Our Mission is simple, to help others get just as much out of the city as we have. We also aim to give back to the city by promoting ethical and sustainable tourism, which will ensure Barcelona remains a favorite travel destinations for future generations. 

Once upon a time, a strange and peculiar time called the early 00s, when Mr Brightside was not a drunken sing along but had just been released, the world had no idea what Facebook was and the word “corona” was regarding only a beer, our journey began. In a land far far away (Bali) our founders met to begin their world wind adventure. Before you knew it, these explorers had set upon a new discovery and had started a travel company in Barcelona. As the years past, the world changed and more nomads came in to the family. All with one thing in common; they had fallen madly and truly in love with Barcelona.

Now we wish to extend this fairy tale. Over the years we have learnt everything there is to know about this beautiful city. Each person that came into the family added their own unique slant on what is so great about it. We gained artists, historians, entertainers, scientists, chefs, mixologists, writers and many many more. Each person taught us a new vibrant side to the city and released a creativity in us that had to be shared. Now we are sharing it with you.

We want you to love Barcelona just as much as we do, and experience the magic this city has to offer, whether you be here for a few hours or the rest of your life. Ask us anything at all and we will do all we can to find an answer. We have collected such a wide range of contacts over the years, that we should be able to help with anything at all, however run of the mill or totally bizarre and off the wall the request may be.

Many of our friends host and run the tours and activities themselves, so we know the people you will be meeting here first-hand. Let us know what kind of activity or adventure you are after, and we will point you in the right direction, to not just a great professional, but a friend and great person. This gives all of our recommended activities a personal touch, so you feel as if you are exploring with a lifelong friend of yours.

Now it is time to meet our main team. If there is anyone in particular you want to get in contact with or any particular request you have, get in touch and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

We hope you find magic in Barcelona, just like we did.


New York born and bred; this Queen of Queens rules the roost in Barcelona. With an exquisite attention to detail, and ready to get stuck in from top to bottom, she leads from the front and makes sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Her background in accounting keeps the team firmly in check with the budget and has been helping guests enjoy every aspect of Barcelona for over a decade.

History, philosophy, and culture seeps out his veins and is welcoming you to join him in his eternal quest for knowledge. With a background in sales and always open for a chat, Simon will welcome new staff and guests as if you have known him for years. Controlling the operation in the trenches, Simon can be found in the bars, running activities and even hosting tours. His positive energy powers the whole team through.

The family chess master, our logistics guru controls the war room operations. You will never have met someone who has seen more movies, and his background in film directing and writing helps all of us see the organisation from the bigger picture. Regularly found at the back of the office, this quieter soul will spend hours formulating our game plan before presenting what can only be described as regular masterstrokes.

Committed to finding to the perfect deal for you, our sales master and commander, Tom, has been giving people unforgettable weekends at the best price for years. An absolute joy to speak to on the phone, you will find that not only do you know exactly what next to do in Barcelona, but you have had a fun chat planning it. With a history of organising events over several countries, Tom will know exactly what you want and how best to get it for you.

Dealing with the money, agreements and legal affairs lies our foxy French specialist. Daisy’s excellent language skills, 4 and counting, and superb travel history means that wherever you are from, she will be able to make sure you have a great deal, and a great time. Regularly also found hosting events, this fun loving socialite can talk to anyone and everyone. Hard working but friendly, Daisy is a joy to be around and brings a smile to everyone she meets.

Controlling the entertainment, activities, and all things fun lies our cheeky English chappy. Don’t let the jovial exterior fool you, this professionally trained actor with a background in history and geopolitics will make sure each and every tour and event is not just factual, but great a piece of entertainment. Rarely in the office, Joe is found in the beautiful city streets, bringing joy and knowledge to all who attend. He will make sure each event is special, unique and exclusive to each group.

Our Russian Queen makes sure that every event, activity and tour runs smoothly without hic-cup. Everything from welcoming guests, to making sure the team are where they need to be at any given moment, Alyona has it covered. Half the time she can be found in the office, but the other half, Alyona is over town booking venues, getting deals and meeting all the people who make the operation flow. With her exceptional fashion sense and attention to detail, you know with Alyona you will be provided with a quality product.

When it comes to contracts, staff development and internal Barcelona accounts, Din has got it under control. This Israeli superstar is a magnificent musician and can be found playing all the venues of Barcelona in his free time. At work, the magnificence doesn’t stop. Din will make sure all the staff, suppliers and accounts are happy and in order, whilst bringing a calm and collective attitude to the whole situation. There is never a disaster when Din is around.